Emerging Professional Award


ACSO recognizes the need for the classical music  industry to invest in future leaders who will ensure the vitality of the art form. Therefore, the Emerging Professional Award recognizes the current contributions and the future promise of an individual who has been in the orchestra/classical music field for less than five years but who has already made significant contributions to his/her organization, irrespective of available resources or budget, and has demonstrated the potential for leadership and continuing professional growth. This individual has experienced early career success in the field, has helped elevate the mission of his/her organization, and thus is actively making an impact in the community. 

This person demonstrates a thirst and curiosity for learning and self-development. This person is an asset to his/her organization by bringing new ideas, providing support to colleagues, challenging the status quo, and demonstrating leadership. This individual brings positive energy to and invigorates organizational culture, while working to shore up its weaknesses and advance its strengths. 

This person is the embodiment of ACSO’s vision that the classical music landscape of California and the region is vibrant, healthy, diverse, and connected to the communities it serves.



  • Must be in his/her first five years in the classical music field (there is no age requirement) and may work in any area of orchestra management/administration
  • Must work full-time or part-time at an ACSO member organization
  • Must have made a significant contribution to his/her organization and/or the sector (specific examples must be provided)


  • May be a member of the board of directors, the executive director, or the direct supervisor of the nominee
  • Cannot be the nominee, a family member, or direct-report of the nominee
  • Should be well-acquainted with the nominee and can attest to his/her qualifications and accomplishments
  • Must be prepared to provide specific information about nominee's accomplishments, visibility and recognition of work, current major undertakings, and potential for future leadership.

Deadline and How to Apply

The Nominator must complete and submit the online application by 11:59pm on Friday, April 3, 2020. **The nomination application deadline has been extended until May 1, 2020.**

The ACSO Awards Committee will complete its review and selection process by May 15, 2020. The nominator and winner will be notified by May 22 at the latest and the public announcement to the field will be made on May 28. ACSO will provide the awardee’s organization with a press release that can be customized to send to local media.

The award will be given at the Awards Luncheon held at ACSO’s Annual Conference at the Mission Inn in Riverside on August 12, 2020. The recipient will receive a cash award of $500. We request that both the recipient and the nominator attend the awards presentation and that the recipient’s organization cover any costs associated with attending the awards presentation.

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Questions? Contact ACSO at [email protected] or 800-495-2276.